Gracia Work Center | Centro de coworking en el barrio de Gracia, Barcelona. Coworking center in the district of Gracia, Barcelona
Centro de coworking para emprendedores en el barrio de Gracia de Barcelona. Un espacio de trabajo para pymes y startups. Espacios individuales, zonas comunes de colaboración y sala de reuniones. Coworking center for entrepreneurs in the Gracia district of Barcelona. A workspace for small businesses and startups. Individual spaces, common areas and meeting rooms
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Welcome to the coworking center of Gracia Work Center

Individual office and desks. Coworking space in Barcelona since 2007.

Become part of our community of entrepreneurs and share your working space with us.We are professionals  in the field of communication, marketing, design, audiovisuals, tourism and more. Come work with us!



Second Desk for 50% off

We are committed to new startups and small businesses. We want you to grow with us, so in Gracia Work Center we provide a 50% discount on your second desk. 


All Inclusive

Shared phone, free unlimited printing, insurance on your equipment, Internet 300 mb, 24×7 service, free coffee and tea, and etc. 


Courses for coworkers

Are you interested in coworking? Do you want to open your own center?  Come to our courses and learn about the benefits of collaborative working. 



Independent office and desks

In Gracia Work Center you can rent a desk or an individual office for two-five coworkers. Choose your option. 


Internship in Barcelona

Come to Barcelona and enjoy the experience of achieving an internship in our coworking center in the Gracia neighborhood. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us 


In our center of coworking we opt for the permanence of the coworkers and are committed to the growth of ourentrepreneurs and small businesses

Who are We

Gracia Work Center is one of the pioneer centers of Barcelona (2007) that has provided spaces for many freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs of all different sectors. We are professionals in the fields of communicationmarketing, design, audiovisualtourism, and more… who share this modern and recently modified office where you can rent a desk or an independent office and enjoy the great working environment  with flexible hours (24×7). Overall, Gracia Work Center is a place where you  work at your convenience and can enjoy your  work hours as long as you’d like.


  • Coworking in Barcelona. All inclusive shared phone, free unlimited printing, insurance on your equipment, Internet 300 mb, 24×7 service, free coffee and tea, and meeting rooms.
  • Interning in Barcelona. Achieve an internship in our coworking center in the Gracia neighborhood y enjoy a city like Barcelona.
  • Videos for businesses. Online video company for entrepreneurs, startups, and PYMES.
  • Training and Consultation. Courses for people who are interested in opening a coworking center or for coworkers who want to learn about the benefits of collaborative work.
  • Housing and Coworking. Live the experience of working in a coworking center in the neighborhood of Gracia and residing in the center of Barcelona.
  • A space where you can share, learn, collaborate and enjoy from a day of work.

  • A meeting point in the center of Gracia where synergies and shared projects are produced.